Monday, June 25, 2018

High Volume Trading With 4XFX

I could not claim to really know the ups and downs of high volume trading on the MT4 platform before registering an account with 4XFX.

However, over time, my knowledge has increased and so have the profits that have accrued from the high volume trades that have been performed on the platform on my behalf. In very basic terms, high volume trading refers to the computer conducted (driven) trades that occur in high volumes on a certain exchange.

This strategy of trading tremendous volumes of trades was started many years ago. Before that time, conducting a successful high volume trade time-staking. However, with the advancements made in technology, more powerful computers and algorithms were created that have enabled high volume trades to be done in a single second.

High volume trading makes money by buying huge volumes of stocks or currencies when the prices are below the average trend for the commodity being purchased. They then sell the stocks or currencies or other commodities when the price rises above the average trend. However, it is important to note that the price difference between the lowest buying price and the highest selling price is usually so low that you could not make any money from trading unless you conducted the operation at scale.

This is exactly what high volume trading has accomplished. By making millions of dollars every day for short term trades that are finished in seconds, these firms have been able to make millions in profits. Since there are many HVT firms dealing in the art, different firms have been forced to make higher volume trades as time goes on. This involves having lots of funds and the best up to date trading platforms at hand. It also does not hurt to have killer algorithms that can sift through huge tracts of data in seconds. This is something that ordinary human traders cannot possibly be capable of.

I was able to learn all this information while conducting my own HVT on the 4XFX MT4 platform. I really benefited from the Guardian Angel service that the trading platform operates. This guidance program was able to point out when I was about to make a mistake that could lead to massive losses in invested capital. It is also true that the interference of the system limited the number of trades that I could make.

However, the gains obtained from being prevented from making emotional and costly mistakes far outweighed the potential profits that I could have made from conducting VOLUME trades. It also helped that there were over seventy five analytical tools that I could use to determine my entry and exit points. This went a long way in reducing my exposure at each trade.

HVT was also enabled by the MT4 platform having the ability to access different assets on a real time basis. This helped as it gave you a sense of the direction that the market was taking. In some instances, a small dip in one asset price might mean that a further dip is on its way, thus making it disadvantageous to buy at the first dip price.