What Makes 4XFX a Reputable Islamic Forex Trading Broker?

There are numerous reasons why 4XFX has made itself the most favorite online broker for Islamic traders. To begin with, there aren’t many online traders that are ECN traders. 4XFX is an ECN broker i.e. Electronic Communications Networks broker.


The biggest benefit of trading with an ECN broker (go to 4XFX.com) is that you get to be in a fair trade almost all the time. There are very thin chances that an ECN broker will ever trade against you whereas the case is quite the opposite with conventional brokers. Furthermore, an ECN broker can offer you the tightest spreads on your trades. 

One thing that has made forex trading quite easy for newcomers today is the help of experts. Expert traders are now available at the service of new traders through online brokers. They give their precious advice to the new traders and even provide the information about their trades and strategies to the newcomers. They do it for paid services and as a passion for trading too. Through mirror and social trading on latest platforms like MT4 forex trading platform, new traders can get in touch with expert and experienced traders to get help on their trades or get basic forex trading knowledge. 

This service is currently being provided by many other online brokers. However, there is a way for 4XFX to excel all other traders in almost everything. 4XFX.com is probably one of the fewest online brokers helping Islamic traders with their specific needs. In this case, the people who speak Arabic will be able to get help from expert traders in their native language. This is not limited to Arabic speakers only. If you speak any other language than English and Spanish, you will definitely find someone at 4XFX to help you with your online forex trading in your native language. 

The best thing about analysts working with 4XFX is that they are not there to give you some general information about forex trading only. They can guide you on every step of your trading to make sure you understand every minor to major detail of the trading and the consequences of certain strategies. Through mirror trading they will let you copy their trades and strategies on your trading platform. The most noticeable thing here is that you can put your trading platform on automatic mode after copying one or two trades at the same time and check back later to see the results of your trades. 

Islamic traders with a VIP account on 4XFX.com gain many other benefits that put them at the same level as other traders on the broker’s website. Access to the latest MT4 trading platform, trading without any swaps and rollover charges, big leverages and tight spreads are few of the great things that 4XFX.com is currently offering to all of its Islamic traders. The fact that people can now see the movement of the forex market and its performance in Arabic opens doors to even more traders from the Middle Eastern countries where people have a natural fondness for trading.